(F) Beef

    F1. A. Broccoli Beef or B. String Bean Beef or C. Tomato Beef 12.95

       *F2.A. Snow Pea Beef or B. Mixed Vegetable Beef 12.95

*F3.Monglian Beef 12.95

*F4.Szechuan Beef 13.50
Deep fried beef with broccoli in spicy sauce

*F5.Asparagus Beef 13.95
Stir fried beef with asparagus and onion in black bean spicy sauce

F6. Black Pepper Beef 12.95
Stir fried beef with bell pepper, onion, mushroom in black pepper sauce

F7.Black Mushroom Beef 13.50
Stir fried beef with, Black mushroom, carrot, snow peas, bamboo shoots

*F8.Orange Beef 13.50

Deep fried beef in orange spicy sauce.

                                             *F9.Yushing Beef 12.95