(I) Vegetable and Tofu

I1. Vegetable Delight 9.50

I2. Family Style Tofu 9.50
Lightly fried tofu with vegetable in oyster sauce

*I3. Ma Pa Tofu 9.50
Diced tofu braised with green onion, peas, carrot in spicy brown sauce

*I4. Dry Cooked String Bean 9.95

*I5. Yu Shiang Eggplant 9.95
Eggplant stir fried with spicy garlic sauce

     I6. Baby Bok Choy With Black Mushroom 9.95

                            I7. Snow Pea With Water Chestnut 9.95                              I8. Broccoli With Oyster Sauce 9.50

                                           *I9. Yushing Broccoli 9.50

                                               *I10.Yushing Tofu 9.50